On my recent Shanghai adveture, I was looking forward to visit a boutique I had wanted to frequent for long.
Shang Xia, a Chinese luxury fashion brand backed by Hermès, sells fashion, accessories and homeware and also has a boutique on the Rue de Sèvres in Paris, besides stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

Founder, chief executive and creative director of Shang Xia, Jiang Qiong’er, aims to the bridge the chasm between ancient Chinese craft and today’s luxury consumers offering products with a contemporary twist on traditional Chinese aesthetics and crafts.

Armed with an impeccable design heritage (her grand father being a painter and her father a renowned architect whose work is seen at the Shanghai Museum), Jiang began by canvassing a group of museum experts and university professors. Equipped with their suggestions, she travelled vast regions of China to find the workshops and ateliers that still possessed the know-how to produce Chinese goods at the very pinnacle of luxury production. Shang Xia was born.

The name Shang Xia takes after it's deep rooted philosopy,  the circulation between two energies of Yin and Yang, past and future, tradition and innovation, and craftsmanship and contemporary design in chinese characters.

Shang Xia is located in the same compond that resides the Hermès masion in Shanghai. It's products fill the nostalgic gap left by the Cultural Revolution when many traditional Chinese artifacts were lost. Each piece is delicately crafted with all raw materials sourced from within China. Shang Xia and Hermes incorporate common design dynamics but each piece of Shang Xia whether its a earring or a tea cup champions the cause of exclusive chinese craftmanship that is being revived.

What I love about this label is the creative vision behind the brand and it's contemprary twist to chinese tradition making it relevant in todays fashion arena.The design and architecture of the boutique is one of a kind.

Kengo Kuma the uber talented Japanese architect designed the space using natural wood and sandstone combined together with high tech fiber whereby a clean, elegant, harmonious and seamless environment was created. The fabric (triaxially folded) that covers the entire interior of the shop was heat-treated and shaped in Japan.

This store is a treasure cave of exquisiteness. From the moment i stepped in to the time I left, the service was exemplarary.
The incredibly knowledgable sales associates gave me information on each of the products I liked. I had the best Chinese tea in beautiful tea cups as I selected my goodies. I was taken for a tour around the store and was showcased the special tea room and the floors that carried the furniture, the making and videos behind it. Impeccable service, exquisite products, design par excellence, Shang Xia is not a shop or a boutique it is a luxurious, exclusive experience.