The Circus being an inspiration, Maria Grazia Chiuri brought it alive in avery aspect at the Dior Haute Couture 2019 Show, emotionally, visually and metaphorically. 

As an Italian Chiuri had a deep rooted connection with the circus and combined with it being a favourite with Christian Dior who saw it in a sophisticated light; she had an emotional connect, a nostalgia. As a metaphor she potrayed the passing of time in fashion and the changes that fashion has gone through which are now to be seen in a whole new light. Visually she made it a spectacular experience.

Staged in a circus tent in the garden of Musée Rodin, the Dior Haute Couture Collection proved to be one of my best collections from Chiuri yet.
Acrobats in leotards from the troupe Mimbre performed alongside Chirui’s models.
One acrobat stood on another's shoulder on either sides forming a sort of a gateway through which the models walked, never once grabbing attention from the main visual: Chiuri's specatacular designs.

The shaded nude jumpsuits sprinkled with thousands of hand-stitched beads, or the smocked gowns she is so good at were extraordinarily beautiful. Chiuri took inspiration from the work of Gerard Vicaire, who died only a month ago aged 91. The costumier created extraordinarily crafted dresses for the likes of Moulin Rouge, and “fifty dresses for clowns,” Chiuri learnt during her research.

Monochrome dominated. Black trousers in varied lengths, transparent blouses with neck details and a three piece white satin suit set made my heart skip a beat.

But the ringleader uniforms truly trumped the show.
Majestically ruffled necks with tailored jackets and lavishly done coats that you could never get enough of, all adorned in hussar braiding looked immensely intricate. The tailoring impeccable.

When Chiuri shows madness like this, she is at her best. 

Image Courtesy: Dior,