Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren presented their collection which was extremely social-media friendly at the Spring 2019 couture show titlled Fashion statements. 34 gowns covered in a slew of phrases and graphics fed our meme culture.
Brightly hued tulle: some with puffed sleeves, others with tiered skirts, all very colorful and very voluminous in various forms and textures added to the loudness of it all.
Whether it was I am my own muse in solid green, Less is more in gradient pink and blue or No photos please in layered tulle, all focussed on the millenial lingo ensuring every gown to be a statement piece. Iconography like hearts, arrows, peace symbols and skulls the collection made the whole social media vibe even stronger.

The phrase i resonated with was F* this I'm going to Paris

What was your line?

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