The Spring summer collections are launching in stores and fashionistas adorned in their latest crusie gear run between private viewings trying to decide which look to succumb to, the accessories playing an important part.

An accessory, primarily a handbag, is a multi-tasker. It brings in a chunk of the revenue for the brand and is termed the "profit spinner" besides being an advertsing campaign when carried by celebs and socialites. It symbolises the iconic status of the fashion house and talks a lot about the person carrying it.

Some bags reside permanently in a wardrobe and others are momentary trend setters, used to increase ones followers on social media.

Conceived in 1999 by former artistic director John Galliano at Dior, the saddle bag made it's debut in the spring/summer 2000 collection and in no time celebrities were slinging Galliano’s Dior aesthetic over their shoulders. Beyoncé carried one! Ditto J-Lo, Sienna Miller, and Elle Macpherson! It became a Sex and the City favourite, as Sarah Jessica Parker adopted the equestrian symbol as part of Carrie Bradshaw’s uniform.

But being an "It" bag it gradually decreased in production and remained present in vintage fashion shops, a reminder of the glorious Galliano era at Dior till Marai Grazia Chiuri took over the reins and reintroduced it in the A/W 2018 Dior show. 

Keeping in tune with the folklore theme of the show, the saddle bags showcased paid homage to the artisans, displaying intricate craftmanship.
It launched in plain colours and the oblique pattern suiting all style codes.

Worn with beautiful straps which are sold seperately, you could sling it across your body, hold it in your hand, or sling it on your wrist; versatality being the key.
The saddle mania swept social media. 
Adwoa Aboah, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were seen toting the bags in various sizes and iterations. One hundred influencers, including Susie Lau, Camille Charrière and Chiara Ferragni, were recruited by Chiuri to post pictures of the Saddle on social media at 2pm on July 19, the global launch day of the new bags in Dior boutiques were introuduced.

Everyone wanted one fashionistas sucumbbed to the saddle. And the rest, as they say, was history.

The Dior Saddle bag has become a permanent accessory on every Dior runway show thereafter, appearing in various colours, textures, forms and shapes. With a price increase this year that indicates its demand, the saddle bag is all set to become a Dior classic.

The Saddle Bag had its moment with Gallaino, but now its here to stay.